Rotten Tomatoes has released a list of the 75 best animated films of all time. You can see the list here. As you could expect, Pixar had a very high place on the list. Not that neither of the Cars movies appear though.

In #36, is A Bug's Life! A Bug's Life earned 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The descriptions are as follows:

Blending top notch animation with rousing adventure, witty dialogue, and memorable characters, "A Bug's Life" is another Pixar winner.

In #26, is Monsters Inc, which earned 95%.

Even though "Monsters, Inc" lacks the sophistication of the Toy Story series, it is a still delight for children of all ages.

In #11, is Ratatouille, which earned 96%.

Pixar succeeds again with "Ratatouille," a stunningly animated film with fast pacing, memorable characters, and overall good humor.

In #10, is The Incredibles, which earned 97%.

Even though "The Incredibles" is more violent than previous Pixar offerings, it still is a witty and fun-filled adventure that almost lives up to its name.

In #9, is Finding Nemo, which earned 98%.

Breathtaking animation, talented vocal work, and a well-written screenplay add up to another Pixar success.

In #8, is WALL-E, which earned 96%.

Charming, audacious, and timely, "WALL-E"'s lighthearted magic and stellar visuals testify once again to Pixar's ingenuity.

In #4, is Toy Story, which earned a whopping 100%!

As entertaining as it is innovative, "Toy Story" kicked off Pixar's unprecedented run of quality pictures, reinvigorating animated film in the process.

In #3, is Toy Story 3, which earned 99%.

Deftly blending comedy, adventure, and honest emotion, "Toy Story 3" is a rare second sequel that really works.

In #2, is Up, which earned 98%

Another masterful work of art from Pixar, "Up" is an exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt adventure impeccably crafted and told with wit and depth.

In #1 is............if you havent figured out from the name of this blog post...........or that it is the only one missing besides the Cars movies which I said weren't on the STORY 2!!!!!!!!!!

Toy Story 2 matched Toy Story's 100% rating, and was an incredible film altogether.

Entertaining characters and eye-popping animation make this sequel an instant classic.
And classic it is, Rotten Tomatoes, classic it is.

What do you think?

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