BlogWell, I realize that I haven't made a blog post in a while...skipping out on two Brave featurettes, a trailer/clip, and lots of images. Well, we have here a new trailer, which is probably the final one. Watch it here:

Pixar's Brave Trailer 3 720HD02:30

Pixar's Brave Trailer 3 720HD


Finally, I'm starting to find some trivia. First off, many people thought it would be impossible to hide some pieces of trivia in this movie, such as the Pizza Planet Truck, as it takes place in the 12th century. Well, in according to some staff, they will all be there. That is a relief.

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 3.57.07 PM

First off, I do believe I've found a Hidden Mickey.

And.......that's it.

I cannot find anything else! Geez, this movie's easter eggs are going to be a tough find! Anyway, if you have found any, please leave a comment or write a blog post about it.
Brave - Film Clip Sneak (Eyes on the Pies)00:47

Brave - Film Clip Sneak (Eyes on the Pies)

Also, while you're at it, watch this commercial/clip/what/sneak peek with the three triplets up to their mischief!

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