Blog thanksgiving

I'm posting this blog for two reasons: 1. Do you like my new Thanksgiving blog heading?

2. Last weekend, I noticed that there were relationships between my speed of making brownies and what scene of Up I was currently watching. It's crazy, but real.

I have a table with a good view of my TV, so I could mix and add the ingredients while watching the movie. However, the bowls, spoons, whisks, pans, eggs, and other materials and ingredients are NOT in a good view of the TV. You also need to concentrate on adding the ingredents so you can't watch the screen. Here is my cheat sheet on how to do these things:

1. I don't know about you, but I dont exactly like to watch young Carl fall and break his arm trying to get the balloon. When that happens, I get the bowl out.

2. I watch the movie for about 10 minutes, then get the ingredients out when Carl hits the construction worker with his walker. I don't exactly like to watch somebody get hit in the face by a crazy old man who is whacking people with his walker (slight exxageration on my part).

3. When the house is taking off, put all the ingredients in the bowl. I like to put the brownie mix in when the ballons come out of that giant bag, put the oil in when it goes up the street, the water in when the people watch it, and the eggs in it when it knocks the television antenneae. I don't know why. You are probably thinking I'm a crazy lunatic who doesn't know what he's talking about, and I don't blame you.

4. Stir during the thunderstorm scene. When you are stirring during any action theme, you seem to stir about 5x faster then normal.

5. Get the pan out and pour the mix in when the house crashes into the ground at Paradise Falls. I'm not sure why. It seems right.

6. Put the brownies into the oven when Russel is (supposively) climbing the hose to the house. In that scene, you have about 15 seconds of seeing the same thing.

7. If you bake the brownies for 45 minutes like I do, then you should be taking them out during the credits. Well, at least you enjoyed the movie.

This was just a random glimpse into my mind, and yes, I AM crazy. It is part of my username, CRAZYhead88. What are your thoughts about my baking strategies and my sanity?

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