BlogHi! Haven't made a blog in about a month, and this one has a very good reason. First of all: did everybody have a merry Kuanakadonmas? *pauses, waits for response* Okay, now to the point. Just look at this:


ALL AWESOMENESS HAS BEEN COMPILED TOGETHER AND TURNED INTO A YOUTUBE VIDEO. So here we have it: The first trailer for Finding Nemo 3D!!!!!!!

Public Reactions

Not exactly public, but I am generating a consensus from comments on Youtube, and other blogs (Slashfilm, Big Screen Animation, etc.) Generally, they are mixed, but high. (Around 80%) There's no denying that it is a good movie, but some people are saying "Why?" about the 3D part. The other some people are responding: "Money." Other people are extremely excited: "Finally! I have been waiting for this for a while!"

My Reaction

This sums it up in one word: EPIC.

Two complaints: The trailer was too short, and the Disney "D" in the 3D is a bit annoying. Other then that, AWESOME!!!!!!!

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