BlogIt was supposed to come out on Monday. On Monday they said it would come out on Tuesday. On Tuesday they said it would come out on Wednesday. At last, the trailer for Brave has finally been released!

Brave Theatrical Trailer 102:05

Brave Theatrical Trailer 1

The Public's Opinion

Well, for most people, this was a major letdown. Some comments on Youtube thought that it wasn't very good.

I'm conflicted. I was let down by the trailer. It looked too much like a lot of other films and not the Pixar uniqueness I'm used to seeing. Not too innovative. I like a female protagonist, don't get me wrong. Maybe it's just the trailer editing. At least it wasn't all "With the voices of..." or "starring.." I have faith in Pixar but I feel a little shaken.

Another (and many others) said

Looks like a Dreamworks movie.

Okay. Now THAT'S going too far.

My Opinion

First thought: AHH!!! HAIR!!! It is true. Possibly the most amazing part of this is the hair. How did they ever do that? Not just for Merida, but for the Royal Triplets too!

Second: The jokes seem pretty good, except for the one towards the end with the butt. That part makes me think of Dreamworks (I shudder at the thought!).

Third: Pixar never really mentions too much in their trailer. They give you some scenes and you have to fill in the rest like a mad-lib. The story looks pretty complicated, since there are so many things going on. I think it goes something like this: Merida has a happy life, until she is forced to get married to idiots. She then fires an arrow in slow motion, and then runs away. She proceeds to go to the weird rock thing-a-magic where she talks to a Wisp, but in order to earn a change of her fate, she must fight a super-ginormas bear in an epic fancy-camera-moves battle which includes arrows, horseback-riding, and climbing cliffs. I don't know. Mabye I'm assuming too much. Yeah. I'm assuming too much.

What do you think?

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