BlogAir Mater isn't supposed to be released until November 1st, where it will be attached to the Cars 2 DVD. But wait! Here's it is on the internet!

To watch in 3D or with only one frame, go to YouTube.


I noticed three things.

  • Miandtiaairmater
    Mia and Tia show up behind Skipper and Sparky, watching the air
    show. (left)
  • In the bottom right corner of the picture at right, the plants there seem to make an airplane front with propellers.
  • And WHAT was that at the end?
"Mater: "Ha! That was fun! Hey, they ought to make a whole movie about planes!"
Sparky: "Say, that's a good idea, Mater!"
(Mater winks)"
—Mater and Sparky at the very end

Hmm. I wonder what that could be referring to? Could it possibly be PLANES!?!?!?