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Directed byTBA
Produced byTBA
Story byTBA
Screenplay byTBA
Editing byTBA
Music byTBA
MPAA ratingTBA
Release dateNovember 27, 2019
Running timeTBA
Box officeTBA
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"Get Iced Nov. 27."

here's the Untitled Pixar Animation Movie about Polar Bears as Inuits is in development


Long Ago in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The Family of Polar Bear Inuits living in Igloo, they embark a adventures, journeys, fishing, hunting and many more.

Characters and Voices

  • Kona - Father of the Family, Voiced by TBA
  • Tanjen - Mother of the Family, Voiced by TBA
  • Tug - Son of the Family, Voiced by TBA
  • Episode - Daughter of the Family, Voiced by TBA
  • Snowy - Baby of the Family, only makes human baby noises and sounds

Trivia and Info

  • These Inuit Polar Bears were in Inuit Outfits expect for Baby Snowy
  • Baby Snowy is like Baby Po from Kung Fu Panda 2



  • "Galaxies" by Owl City


  • TBA
File:Owl City - Galaxies (Official HQ)


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