There are a lot of things that I want to see in Cars 3 or in another spin-off in the Cars series.

Characters (returning and new)

Characters I don't want to see

Places (returning and new)

A sketch of the story

McQueen competes again for the Piston Cup, with his enemy/friend Chick Hicks. After training in Willys Butte, Lightning competes in various speedways of the Piston Cup (across the USA, with also a special race in Cars Land). Lightning meet the new characters, each with a different personality. A day, during the night, Lightning fall from the ship in the sea of California. The ship (with Lightning's Pit cre and friends) arrives on the other side of the USA without McQueen. All new characters help Lightning, who doesn't have enough money to take a plane to transport the entire trip.


Do you like my idea?

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