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Other Ideas for new Cars Toons

Hi guys, these are my ideas for a new season of Cars Toons! Read and post a comment with what do you think and why, thanks!

New Season of Cars Toons

  • Pirate Mater (idea of Tailsyochicken)
  • Dragster Mater: this idea comes from Mater's disguise "Funny Car Mater". During a race of dragsters Mater tells McQueen that he was a famous funny car.
  • Cars Land Mater! : Mater goes to Cars Land for a trip. During the trip mater see DJ that scary the tow truck. McQueen asks Mater why he was scaried by DJ and Mater tells him that years ago, he was a factory worker and worked for a park (which would be Cars Land). DJ comes in and knocks the scaffold where he worked Mater. Falling into the void, the factory worker McQueen, on a crane, save the tow truck.

These are only three ideas, but I'll make others!

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