Patrick Lancer is the main antagonist of RSU.

Gender: Male

Major: Auto Racing

Teacher(s): Chick Hicks


Patrick was built in Normal, Illinois by Mitsubishi Motors in 2011. That was where he dwelt as a resident. Patrick had attended several racing events in Illinois and won all of them. That was up unitl 2013, when he was sent to Radiator Springs University, where he has since then had a rivalry with a Subaru Impreza named Brandon.


Patrick is pompous and arrogant. In the episode, Friendly Rivalry, Patrick has proven himself to be nosey, sneeky, rude and respect demanding, to where he was even getting Harrison Ram's nerves. It is seen that Patrick has a good side in him, but one would have to look deep enough to find it.


Patrick is only seen practicing for races. He sometimes acts as a practice target for the training police interceptors to chase. 


Patrick is a 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer DE. During races, he is fitted as a Lancer Evolution Rally Car. 


Patrick is painted in rally red, but during races, he is painted in the Road Race Engineering's blue and silver livery with the number 38 on the sides. 


  • Patrick was named after one of Brandon's high school rivals.