Lexus is a charming titanium luxury sedan who is a hospitality student at RSU.

Gender: Female

Major: Intellegence

Teacher(s): Finn McMissile/Holly Shiftwell


Lexus was built in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan in 2013. She was shipped to America following an enormous new car vandilisment in Japan. Lexus knew about what happened to her people and wanted to study intellegence, so she came to Radiator Springs University and is currently learning with Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell's help.


Lexus may be beautiful and attractive, but she is not snotty or vain. She is considered as sweet and caring towards her fellow classmates. She is also brave and daring, something that Harrison Ram found out the hard way.


Lexus is only learning, but she is already a professional at what she does. Otherwise, she is often seen keeping the mean cars in their place.


Lexus is a 2013 Lexus IS350 AWD.


Lexus is painted in Nebula Gray Pearl.


  • Lexus is the second car in the series to be given her first name after the type of car she is.

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