Harrison Ram is the secondary antagonist of RSU.He is a big bully and one of the most feared ones around.

Gender: Male

Major: Racing

Teacher(s) Sulley (Cars)


Harrison was built in Warren, Michigan by the Chrysler company in 2012 as a 1500 model. Harrison had grown up in a run down neighborhood, so he often had to learn defensive tactics. After totalling a Ford Super Duty, he had become the most feared truck in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the cars at RSU heard about it and never messed with him because they know they'll have to face his wrath. Intellegence student, Jetta S., found this out the hard way.


The reason why Harrison is so mean is because he has a low self esteem about himself and thinks that scaring other people will make him feel superior. Harrison soon learns that to really feel confident, he has to be nice and will help the others out on occasion since his conflict with Jetta S.. 


Other than being on the Truck Racing team in college, he is seen sometimes helping Mater out at the junkyard towing cars to the garage. Otherwise, he is usually used in fight scenes during Sherriff's training lessons. 


Harrison is based on a 2012 RAM 1500 Sport Crew Cab. 


Harrison is painted in RAM's Black Clear Coat. During races, he is painted in the Castrol GTX racing team livery. 


  • Harrison is the only named pickup truck in the series.
  • Harrison is a huge Lightning McQueen fan.  

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