Christopher "Chris" Mustangburger is the deuteragonist of RSU.

Gender: Male

Major: Racing 

Teacher(s): Lightning McQueen


Chris was built in Detroit, Michigan as a test in 2009 for the 2010 Ford Mustang. After all the tests were finished, Chris dwelled in Daytona, where he worked as a pace car for NASCAR as a summer job. His boss recommended that he attend Radatior Spings University for racing lessons. He now attends the school, where after a race, he became best friends with a base model car named Brandon Impreza.


Chris can be described as one with the mind of a cool guy. His personality seems to be the same as Rod "Torque" Redline's as he knows how to remain cool under odd circumstances. Chris is a bit older than Brandon, so he sometimes likes to boast about his superiority, but he is willing to help Brandon in every way. 


Chris is a 2010 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe. During races, he is fitted as a 2010 Ford Racing Falken Mustang Race Car. 


Chris is painted in the Ford Mustang's Gotta Have It Green. During races, he is painted in Falken's green and blue livery. 


  • Chris was named after one of Brandon Parson's high school friends.
  • Chris is Brent Mustangburger's grandson. 
  • Chris's mannerisms and speech patters are based on that of Cooper Hodden's from the Bluford Series

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