Brandon S. Impreza is the main protagonist of RSU

Gender: Male

Major: Auto Racing

Teacher(s): Lightning McQueen


Brandon was built in November 2011 by Subaru of North America as a 2012 model. He lived in Washington, D.C.. for a while, where escaped from a bullying from some "Lemons" in Cherry Hill, NJ. You see, some of the "Lemons" from Cars 2 were sent to New Jersey on exile. He came to Radiator Springs, he was treated nicely during his days in Radiator Springs. Ramone gave him a nice coat of blue paint, and a tune up. Brandon now attends Radiator Spings University, but doesn't live on campus, but has his on carndo near the seaside. 


Despite having an abusive past, Brandon is still considered as a friendly and cheerful young sport coupe. He is one of the newer cars who's parts are found everywhere, which is why he is a great target for "Lemons". As one who has ancestory from Japan, he is a big fan of Grand Prix Racer, Shu Todoroki


Other than racing, he is usually seen acting as a practice target, along with his friend, Chris, for the police interceptor trainees to chase. 


Brandon is a 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.5i. When racing, he is fitted as a Subaru Impreza Rally Car. 


Brandon is painted in Ice Silver Metalliac. During races, he is painted in Subaru's WRC Livery. 


  • Brandon's appearance marks Subaru's debut appearance in the Cars franchise. 
  • Brandon is an American, but he has kin from Japan. However, his voice implies that he is an African American. 
  • Brandon one of three triplets.  

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