While in Radiator Springs Lightning finds Max Schnell (Michael Wallis),Max Was Confused and Was Looking for the Autobahn but Lighting Offers him to a race in Willys Butte While Rip,Francesco and Carla also want to race they Race but something bad happens to Carla and she loses Control and spuns out violently making her crash more violently and Rip Collides with her so They are send violently spinning like a slide and crash against a wall almost Killing Rip and Carla so Max,Lighting and Francesco Scream for help then Mater arrives and Helps them so they go to The Hospital (yes there is a new one in Radiator Springs) sadly Carla Got zapped again and if she gets zapped again her Engine will explode and she will die,Then Proffesor Z gets find By Max and he remembers all but he gets Kindnapped and Killed,when Carla was riding she found something very Shocking,she found Max turned into a cube then Mater Investigates then Carla trains in Willys butte but this time she doesnt gets zapped but crashes for her bad Dirt section driving and then she is send flying like The King Weathers But This time with almost killing Carla then she was about to crash when Somebody saved her from dying and it was Lighting And Mater,Mater had threw his Hook to Carla and Lighting helped him so she couldnt crash,then they see Sidd,who had a new one and it was Shu Todoroki (DaisukeDiceTsutsumi) who had been Looking for races but they look another place because if it was Willys Butte someone could crash,then they decide to race in Tailfin Trails but then something bad happens,Everyone almost Falls because of the uncompleted Bridge. so i will get busy stay tuned for part three

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