The Cars Look For another way to finish the race then Lighting Finds the way to end the race so they race to Wheel Well,Lighting wins but then While Carla And Shu Pull along both of them win Carla was On 2ND place and Shu was on 3rd Place and Francesco Is on 4th and Rip Is 5th and then they make a Memorial for Max by Throwing his cube to water so They race to Radiator Springs and so they plan the Official RSGP (Radiator Springs Grand Prix),so They invite Raoul (Thomas Kretschamm,But with a French Accent) then they invite Nigel Greasly (Greg Ellis),Then they Invite Jeff Gorvette (Jeff Gordon) and they also invite Miguel Camino (Fernando Alonso) the race starts and they race all over Radiator Springs and so Lighting and Carla Are the winners and they make a party, the movie ends. i havent Find a Title for the movie so share your ideas for a title.

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