Ive been thinking that we want a cars 3 i mean they have to make a new one so i will make my Plot:Lighting Mqueen (Owen Wilson) ,Francesco Bernoulli (John Tuturro) and Carla Veloso (Jossana Jinnaro) were racing until Francesco says:My Wheels! He was Hurt because of a crash and Carla Asks him What happened so they get help from Mater (Larry the Cable Guy),sadly he was on a mission but Lighting and Carla Push Francesco so they get to Luigis,While Mater and Finn Mcmissile (Michael Caine) and Holley Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer) Find out that Profesor Z (Thomas Kretschmann) was about to Kill Francesco but they only made him crash while in Radiator Springs,Rip Clutchgoneski (Teddy Newton) arrives and heard of what happened then Sally (Bonnie Hunt) challenges Rip,Carla And Lighting to a race but then Rip Loses Control and hes send spinning but doesnt crash then Carla Almost Falls To her death to the Fall (Which one was on the first movie) but She takes control and trys to win but Lighting was in 1st Place,Sally was in 2nd Place and Carla Was in 3rd Place then they found out That Rip didnt Came so They find him while he was Curious about something he saw and then it was a car which got Lost and it reveals to be Otis (Chuck Norris,i didnt find someone else) so Carla Says that he needs an engine Change so they take him To Ramone (Cheech Marin) so Carla says that Otis Need An engine change but sadly Ramone doesnt have one so something strange happens,Carla wheels Explode while she was racing Lighting so she Crashes Violently like she did on the second Movie so Lighting Screams For help Happily Mater appears and Tows Carla to Luigi (Tony Shalhoub) asks Guido (Guido Quaroni) to change her wheels so Guido Gives Her New wheels Then Ramone Comments that she needs a new Paint job so he gives her a new paint job and Suprised Francesco then Lighting goes To Flo (Oprah Winfrey) V8 Cafe,part 2 Coming soon so watch my idea and if you have time email John Lasseter about my idea

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