Now that we know that Zurg is Buzz Lightyear's father, we should tackle in my opinion the biggest mystery of Pixar. The identity of Andy Davis' dad. Any true Jon Negroni fan knows his theory about his divorce, which is why the Davises move house, for financial reasons. But his dad is neither mentioned nor has he any pictures of himself on the walls of their house.

His dad is none other than The Chicken Man, Al McWhiggin

First, the nitpicky genetic stuff. Al is right handed and has brown hair, just like Andy. He might not have Andy's blue eyes, but Andy's mother does. Now to the lore. Al lives by himself, without a family. He is also very overweight, suggesting that he has let himself go after losing his wife, as indicated by the huge bowl of cheetos, which may be why Ms. Davis didn't recognise him.

But that's just a pixar theory