Given out as a gift by Pixar to only the cast and crew of Up .

Track Listing

  1. Movietown News
  2. Up With Titles
  3. Ellie Mental
  4. We're In The Club Now
  5. The Adventures Of A Lifetime
  6. Wedding March
  7. Married Life
  8. Hasbanera From Carmen
  9. Hustle and Rusell
  10. Carl Goes Postal
  11. Resigned and Reminded
  12. 9,999,999 Luftballons (Carl Goes Up)
  13. Cumulonincompoop
  14. 52 Chacki Pickup
  15. Little House On The Prayer-rie
  16. The Housing Decline
  17. Paradise Found
  18. Walkin' The House
  19. Three Dog Dash
  20. Russell Likes A Fine Wine
  21. Snipes Tricks
  22. Giant Snipe
  23. Kevin Beak'n
  24. Approval From Above
  25. Dug The Birdie Hunter
  26. Scent On A Mission
  27. Dogged Determination
  28. Master and prisoner
  29. Ditch And Moan
  30. Cross my heart
  31. Kevin's A Girl!
  32. Canine Conundrum
  33. The Nickel Tour
  34. Spirit Of Adventure Tour
  35. Spirit Of Adventure Diner
  36. The Explorer Motel
  37. Escape To Muntz Mountain
  38. Can't We Help Her Get Home
  39. Giving Muntz The Bird
  40. Welcome To Paradise
  41. Home Sweet Home
  42. Stuff We Did
  43. Russell To The Rescue
  44. Memories You Can Weigh Down
  45. The Small Mailman Returns
  46. He's Got The Bird
  47. Seizing The Spirit Of Adventure
  48. It's Just A House
  49. The Ellie Badge
  50. Up With Credits
  51. The Spirit Of Adventure

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