The United States Army is the armed forces of the United States. Their forces include aircraft, tanks, ships, and soldiers.

They appeared in the city of Metroville when the Omnidroid v.10 landed in the city and later fought in the destructive Battle of Metroville. When the robot was activated, the tanks and soldiers opened fire on it, causing the omnidroid to activate it's own gun. A firefight tookplace throughout the city and ended when the omnidroid destroyed the US army force sent to Metroville. The extent of casualties is unknown, but at least one tank and one helicopter were destroyed.


Soldiers can be seen in the background on the TV

The Omnidroid was later destroyed by the Incredibles, with the help of Frozone.

Known quotes

  • "Take cover!" : a US soldier after finding his assault rifle has no effect on the Omnidroid's armor.
  • "Fire at will!": a US soldier to the tank operators after the omnidroid comes to life.
  • "It's completely overwhelming the tanks!": a military reporter on TV

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