An unidentified combat ship is a minor antagonist in Cars 2. He and Tony Trihull are heavily armed combat ships working for Professor Z.

Cars 2

In the beginning of the film, he is suspended with Tony Trihull to the main oil platform. When Finn McMissile escapes in his hydrofoil mode, the combat ship launches missiles and Acer mounts in a machine gun platform on the combat ship. Tony launches a torpedo, and Finn explodes. However, Finn actually faked his own death and escapes. Later in the film, he is in Tokyo in the abandoned barracks, where the lemons killed Rod "Torque" Redline.

Weaponry and Gadgets

  • Independent Shooter: Located at his sides, these guns are controlled by a car in the cabin.
  • Missile Launcher: Located at his front, these missiles are for standard situations.


  • Like Tony Trihull, the Combat Ship is a Littoral Combat Ship.
  • In Cars 2: The Video Game in the opening scene, the Combat Ship is seen patrolling the oil rig.