Trev Diesel is a character in Cars.


"Working for Pacific Flyer Railroad, Trev Diesel, has seen a lot of changes along side his tracks. He's witnessed the coming of the Interstate and the disappearance of many of the small towns he used to pass through, but he's still going strong. He still loves pulling a long haul across the desert at night. It's so peaceful -- just Trev, the full moon, and the jackalopes."[1]

In the film, Trev is the train that Lightning McQueen nearly runs into, just before he comes across Radiator Springs.


  • In Planes: The Video Game, Trev is seen traveling along the tracks of Deadstick Desert. However, the red paint on his front doesn't make a point into the orange paint. The red lines are also not on his front. In the chapter Ticket to Ride, El Chupacabra is challenged by him to a race there.
  • Trev has the headcode A113 near his headlights. However, it doesn't appear on him in Planes: The Video Game.
  • According to Car Finder, Trev is a 1949 EMD F3 Trevithick Electro-Diesel Locomotive.



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