Monsters, Inc.
Performer: Bret Parker (mom)
Phil Proctor (son)
Appeared in: Monsters, Inc.

The Trailer Son and Mom are minor characters in Monsters, Inc..

Monsters, Inc.

Trailer Son: "Mama! Another gator got in the house!"
Trailer Mom: "Another gator?! Gimme that shovel! Come here!"
Trailer Son (as his mother repeatedly hits Randall with the shovel): "Get him, Mama! Get that gator!"
Randall: "Aaaahh!"
—Trailer son and mom, after Randall enters their trailer home

Their only appearance in the movie is after Mike has Sulley throw Randall through the door to banish him to the human world.

Only their shadows are seen through the trailer window as the son calls to his mother that another "gator" got in the house. The mother then tells her son to give her a shovel, which she then uses to beat up Randall as her son cheers her on.


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