Full credits for Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Written & Directed by

Produced by

Executive Producer

Music by

Story Supervisor

Film Editor

Production Designer

Supervising Technical Director

Production Manager

Supervising Animator

Directors of Photography

Character Supervisor

Sets Supervisor

Shots Supervisor

Sound Designer


  • Woody: Tom Hanks
  • Buzz Lightyear: Tim Allen
  • Jessie: Joan Cusack
  • trixie kristen schaal
  • bonnie emily hahn
  • rex wallace shawn
  • mr potato head don rickles
  • mr pricklepants timothy dalton
  • angel kitty emma hudak
  • reptitus maximus kevin mckidd
  • bonnie's mom lori alan
  • the cleric steve purcell
  • ray-gan jonathan kydd
  • mason r. c. cope

Casting by


  • assistant to the producer and director morgan karadi
  • lianace lead ryan brook


  • story artists james s baker
  • erik benson daniel chong
  • evertt downing. jr. sam hood
  • matt jones matthew luhn
  • austin madison brian kaltin o'connell
  • jeff pidgeon christian roman
  • bobby alcid rubie louise smythe
  • script supervisor rachel h. slansky


  • first assistant editor bradley furnish
  • second assistant editors david condolora
  • adrian syben
  • prodution music editor barney jones





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