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Soundtrack  Toy Story
Composer  Randy Newman
Released  November 22, 1995
Label  Walt Disney Records
Catalogue no.  60883-7
The Toy Story soundtrack was composed by Randy Newman. It was released on November 22, 1995, the same day as the movie. The soundtrack has received praise for its "sprightly, stirring score." Despite the album's critical success, the soundtrack only peaked at number 94 on the Billboard 200 album chart. A cassette and CD single release of "You've Got a Friend in Me" was released on April 12, 1996, in order to promote the soundtrack's release.

The soundtrack was remastered in 2006 and although it is no longer available physically, the album is available for purchase digitally in retailers such as iTunes.

Track listing

  1. You've Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman
  2. Strange Things - Randy Newman
  3. I Will Go Sailing No More - Randy Newman
  4. Andy's Birthday (instrumental)
  5. Soldier's Mission (instrumental)
  6. Presents (instrumental)
  7. Buzz (instrumental)
  8. Sid (instrumental)
  9. Woody And Buzz (instrumental)
  10. Mutants (instrumental)
  11. Woody's Gone (instrumental)
  12. The Big One (instrumental)
  13. Home Together (instrumental)
  14. On the Move (instrumental)
  15. Infinity and Beyond (instrumental)
  16. You've Got a Friend in Me (duet) - Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett

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