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Home video releases of Toy Story 2.

VHS Releases

Cover Release Date Notes
ToyStory2 VHS
October 17, 2000

The first and only VHS release of the film.

THX Trailer:


DVD Releases

Cover Release Date Notes
ToyStory2 DVD 2000
October 17, 2000 The first DVD release of the film. Was sold in a 2-pack with Toy Story and later released individually. It and Toy Story were also included in a 3-pack with the original DVD of A Bug's Life.

Bonus Features

THX Trailer:


ToyStory2 DVD Toybox
October 17, 2000

Released as Disc 2 of The Ultimate Toy Box DVD set.

THX Trailer:

Tex 2: Moo Can

ToyStory2 DVD 2005
December 26, 2005

THX Trailer:


ToyStory2 DVD 2010
May 11, 2010

Was originally packaged in a combo pack with the Blu-ray release. Includes the Toy Story 3 Theratrical Trailer.

Image Coming Soon August 4, 2015

Blu-Ray Releases

Cover Release Date Notes
ToyStory2 Bluray and DVD

ToyStory2 DVD and Bluray
March 23, 2010 Released as a combo-pack with the 2010 DVD release. Includes the Toy Story 3 Theratrical Trailer.
November 1, 2011 Following it's 3D re-release in 2009, Toy Story 2 was released on Bluray 3D.
Toy Story 2
November 29, 2015 }

DVD Scene Index

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Buzz's Mission
  3. Woody's Lost Hat
  4. It's Buster!
  5. The Nightmare
  6. Wheezy
  7. Yard Sale
  8. Kidnapped!
  9. Who Stole Woody?
  10. The Roundup Gang
  11. Operation Rescue Woody
  12. "Woody's Roundup"
  13. Woody Loses His Arm
  14. Buzz's Speech
  15. Getting the Arm
  16. Crossing the Road
  17. The Cleaner
  18. Al's Toy Barn
  19. Woody's Restoration
  20. Buzz Switch
  21. The Barbie Aisle
  22. Jessie's Story ("When She Loved Me")
  23. The Toys Find Al
  24. Into the Vents
  25. Sheriff Woody
  26. To the Rescue!
  27. Woody Stays
  28. Stinky Pete 
  29. Zurg Battle
  30. To the Airport
  31. Woody vs. Prospector
  32. Saving Jessie
  33. Takeoff!
  34. Welcome Home
  35. End Credits

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