Given out as a gift by Pixar to only the cast and crew of Toy Story 2.

Track Listing

  1. Woody's Roundup
  2. When She Loved Me
  3. You've Got A Friend in Me (Wheezy's Version)
  4. Zurg's Planet
  5. Wheezy and the Yard Sale
  6. Woody's Been Stolen
  7. Chicken Man
  8. Woody's Dream
  9. Jesse and the Roundup Gang
  10. Woody's a Star
  11. Let's save Woody
  12. Off to the Museum
  13. Talk to Jesse
  14. The Cleaner
  15. Al's Toy Barn
  16. Pink Aisle Beach Party (Wipeout)
  17. Emperor Zurg vs. Buzz
  18. Use your head
  19. Out of the box
  20. Building the Bird (Elevator Version)
  21. Pizza Planet Rocks!
  22. Jesse's in Trouble
  23. Ride like the wind
  24. Welcome home Andy
  25. You've Got a Friend in Me (Instrumental Version)

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