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Directed by: Scott Morse
Rob Gibbs (co-director)[1]
Written by:
Release date: TBA
Running time:

Mike 07 (left) and Didi 05 (right)

To Protect and Serve is a currently unreleased Cars Toons episode. It is directed by Scott Morse, co-directed by Rob Gibbs and produced by Mary Alice Drumm and Nicole Paradis Grindle.[1] While some merchandise pertaining to the short has been made available, the short itself has yet to be released, even though it was originally given a 2015 release.


Official synopsis, from Pixar Post:

When Sheriff takes a mandatory vacation, two overzealous rookies from County take over his duties in Radiator Springs. Bent on making a good impression to score commendations, the rookies over-do every aspect of their jobs, finding "crimes" at every turn and turning the quiet little town into a hotbed of taped-off crime scenes. No one is safe and everyone's a suspect until Sheriff senses an imbalance and returns home to right the "justice" that’s been served.




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