Thunderhead's NSA file.

Thunderhead is a character from The Incredibles. He was born in April 26, 1898.

The Incredibles

Thunderhead was a superhero with the ability to harness and control extreme weather conditions, described by Edna Mode as "tall, storm powers, nice man, good with kids". He was indeed known for his caring attitude towards kids, adopting 5 of them alongside his roommate "Scott", and also for being easily controlled by his emotions. He also unfortunately had a reputation for low intelligence.

He took part in childrens "Stay in School" advertisements, often making constant mistakes and requiring numerous takes.

Thunderhead's transportation was provided by an "M.E.V Plane/Car combo".

He was a good friend of Mr. Incredible, taking part alongside him in the NSA's pie eating competition where he came 2nd place. He was also one of the few Supers to attend Mr. Incredible's private wedding to Elastigirl.

Thunderhead's lack of intelligence would prove his undoing on November 15, 1958, when, after saving a city from a villain's missile and bowing before a woman, his cape caught on the fin of the outbound missile, tearing Thunderhead right out of his boots, before killing him.

Personality and Traits

According to Mr. Incredible, Thunderhead was "not the brightest bulb." His name is a play on the word "Dunderhead".