This Won't Work is one of the Toy Story Treats that aired on ABC's Saturday morning line-up in 1996.


Woody watches as Buzz waves to the Aliens who are crammed inside his old spaceship box, attempting to send them back to their home planet. When Woody asks Buzz if anyone told them that it would not work, Buzz says that he did not have the heart to. There are two different versions of this short. One ends with Buzz saying, "They'll never make hyperspeed with that much weight!" and in the other one he says, "There's not nearly enough fuel to get them to their home world."


  • The idea for this short was reused in a deleted scene for Toy Story 2 called Godzilla Rex, with the Squeeze Toy Aliens crowding inside Buzz's spaceship box, but this time for protection against a rampaging Rex. Rex eventually trips on a Hot Wheels car and knocks them over.