Theodore "Ted" Pauley is a minor character from Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

Pauley is a large, purple monster that walks like a gorilla. He has yellow stripes, numerous spikes on his back and 16 removable eyes that he mostly uses for scaring. He works as a Scarer at Monsters, Inc. in Scare Floor F. He has two large fists, and wears multiple eyeballs when he works on the scare floor, but none anywhere else. His assistant is the yellow Chalooby lookalike, and he is ranked eleventh in the Scarer's Leaderboard (only outranking Claws Ward and Harley Gerson). He uses many of his eyeballs as a scaring technique. He is mostly seen as a background character. He is seen working at Scare Floor F for most of the film, although he is one of the many monsters seen at Harryhausen's.


  • Pauley appears as an unlockable character in the Nintendo GameCube game Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena.
  • Pauley has the second highest amount of eyes of all the monsters in the movie, only outclassed by the green witness in the news report, who has 20 eyes.
  • His name is a reference to Bob Pauley, one of the Production Designers on the movie.
  • According to Joe Ranft's Scare Card, Joe is Pauley's cousin


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