The Sharks' lair is a location in Finding Nemo. The sharks Bruce, Anchor, and Chum all appear to reside in a sunken World War II era submarine that is surrounded by various naval mines (described by Dory as "balloons"). Bruce accidentally causes the mines to explode by ramming into one of the shipwreck's torpedo bays where Marlin and Dory were hiding, sending the torpedo flying out and hitting the mines. The explosion also caused the shipwreck to slide into the abyss only to be stopped by a nearby wall.

Behind the Scenes

  • Certain items in the boat have labeling on them, all of which is in English. The submarine would either be British or American; the Royal Australian Navy did not operate any submarines during World War II.
  • The torpedo that Dory releases was already sitting in the torpedo tube before Dory and Marlin found it, and released it to distract Bruce. The submarine's crew must have loaded it sometime prior to the boat being sunk, probably while on a patrol, searching for Japanese merchant ships or warships.