Given out as a gift by Pixar to only the cast and crew of The Incredibles.

Soundtrack  The Incredibles Cast & Crew
Composer  Michael Giacchino
Released  2004
Label  Walt Disney Records
Catalogue no.  None

Track Listing

  1. Logos
  2. The Glory Days
  3. Meet Elastigirl
  4. Rush Hour
  5. Trainspotting
  6. Newsreel
  7. Going Bowling
  8. Jewelry Store
  9. Mr. Huph will see you now
  10. Adventure Calling
  11. Incredible Again
  12. Bob Vs. The Omnidroid
  13. Lava in the Afternoon
  14. Life's Incredible Again
  15. Off to Work
  16. New and Improved
  17. I'm Syndrome
  18. Incredible Getaway
  19. Bob Sneaks In
  20. Kronos Unveiled
  21. Marital Rescue
  22. Bob Imprisoned
  23. Missle Lock
  24. A Confirmed Hit
  25. Heading for Land
  26. Violet's in Charge
  27. Lithe or Death
  28. Launching the Omnidroid
  29. Intruder Alert
  30. 100 Mile Dash
  31. A Whole Family of Supers
  32. Escaping Nomanisan
  33. Road Trip
  34. Saving Metroville
  35. Incredible Success
  36. The New Babysitter
  37. The Underminer
  38. The Incredits

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