"Wind the Frog!"

The Frog is a supporting character in Toy Story.

Toy Story

The frog was a tin wind-up frog that had all but one of its original legs taken off. In the back, Sid had replaced the frog's legs with wheels (one from a toy monster truck, the other from an erector set). Despite this, the Frog was still noted for being the fastest toy in Sid's room, and was chosen by Woody to distract Scud (who has stationed himself outside Sid's room) for this reason. On Woody's order, the Frog was wound up by the Walking Car. When Ducky rang the doorbell, Woody gave the signal, and the Walking Car released the Frog, who was let out the door, which was opened by Hand-in-the-box. Scud chased the Frog downstairs and out an open door where Hannah stood. Ducky caught the Frog, and Legs reeled both toys back up, safe from Scud's harm. They later went through a drain pipe to catch up with the rest of the toys. While Sid wasn't looking, the Frog went to hide in a muddy puddle. When the toys came alive in front of Sid, the Frog was accompanied by two damaged Combat Carl toys as they emerged out from the puddle. After Woody successfully scared Sid to his senses, the Frog and the rest of the mutant toys rejoiced in victory.

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