Big Baby putting Mr. Potato Head into the Box.

"Take him to the Box!"
Lotso orders Big Baby to take Mr. Potato Head to the Box

The Box is a sandbox located in the playground area of Sunnyside Daycare in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3

Mr. Potato Head: "It was cold and dark, nothing but sand and a couple of Lincoln Logs."
Hamm: "Eh, I don't think those were Lincoln Logs."
Mr. Potato Head and Hamm, after Potato Head's first night in the Box

The Box is used as a punishment by Lotso for any toy that would break his rules. Any infraction of any rule whatsoever, would result in a toy prisoner spending a night in the Box.

When Buzz is reset to his "Demo" mode by Lotso and his gang, Buzz warns to the prisoners that any prisoners caught outside their cells, missing roll call at dusk or dawn, or talking back will have to spend the night in the Box. When Mr. Potato Head tries to defend his wife upon seeing Big Baby imprison her in a cubby, Lotso, thinking that Mr. Potato Head should learn himself some manners, tells Big Baby to take Mr. Potato Head to the Box. From spending his first night imprisoned in the Box, Mr. Potato Head has some sand inside his potato body as he rejoins with the other toys. On the second night, after Ken, Big Baby, and Buzz catch Mr. Potato Head taking a nighttime stroll, Mr. Potato Head stands up to himself and kicks Ken in his leg, prompting Ken to order Big Baby to take Mr. Potato Head back to the Box. However, almost immediately after he is imprisoned, Mr. Potato Head separates his parts from his body, pushes a wood knot in the side of the box off, and the parts escape from the Box. His body is later recovered from the sandbox by the toys who have gotten a head start in escaping Sunnyside.

After Sunnyside is revolutionized by Ken and Barbie, the Box becomes a beach for all the daycare toys to play beach volleyball, make sand castles, and sunbathe, as shown during the end credits.

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