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Temple Run Brave
Developed by: Disney Mobile, Imangi Studios
Published by: Disney Interactive
Platforms: iOS
Microsoft Windows
Release date: November 2, 2012

Temple Run: Brave is a smartphone application that Disney Mobile and Imangi Studios worked together on and only has the characters Princess MeridaKing Fergus and Mor'du. The game is based on Imangi Studios' app Temple Run, which is just like this one, only it includes different characters and carnivorous apes in place of Mor'du, who you must outrun as Merida or King Fergus to avoid being devoured. The abilities are jump, slide, run and shooting arrows at targets which is new to Temple Run. It costs $0.99 to buy. A feature on Temple Run: Brave allows you to follow the Wisps and collect points. You get only several seconds with the wisps before you go back to normal.


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