Taia Decotura, the Tire Talky truck, is a minor character in Cars 2.

"Taia used to be an ordinary, gray truck in the muffler transport business, working the Sawara-to-Tokyo line. But he dreamed of more exciting things than peddling parts, so he moved to Tokyo to get into advertising. Now, painted in a shiny yellow and purple, with stainless trim and two gigantic TV screens, Taia certainly attracts attention. In fact, he's the most popular truck in town - he can turn any boring party into a drive-in movie with the flip of a switch!"[1]

He gets through the streets of Tokyo, equipped with a large screen that airs the Tire Talky show. He is only seen when Lightning McQueen and Mater are cruising in Tokyo. At that moment, the show was featuring Francesco Bernoulli demonstrating his talents in soccer.



  • Taia is a Nissan Condor truck.


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