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THX is an American based company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company's purpose is to create "high fidelity" audio for surround sound theaters and other uses. In 2016, the company was acquired by Razer Incorporated. THX was formerly a subsidiary of Creative Technology Limited (2002-2016), and originally Lucasfilm (1983-2002).

THX's services are often used in Pixar feature length films, typically for theatrical use.

List of Pixar Releases

THX Trailers

  • Toy Story:  Broadway (VHS & Laserdisc), Tex (Laserdisc 1996 & 2000 DVD) & Tex 2 Moo Can (2005 DVD)
  • A Bug's Life: Broadway (VHS) & Tex (2003 DVD)
  • Toy Story 2: Broadway (VHS & DVD), Tex 2 Moo Can (Toy Box) & Tex (2005 DVD)
  • Monsters, Inc: Tex 2 Moo Can (VHS & DVD)
  • Finding Nemo: Broadway (VHS), Tex 2 Moo Can (Disc 1) & Tex (Disc 2)
  • The Incredibles: Cavalcade (DVD)
  • Cars: Tex (DVD)


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