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T-Bone TSToon
Performer: Angus MacLane
Appeared in: Small Fry
Partysaurus Rex (brief cameo)
"Right this way, sir."

T-Bone is a steak-like transformer and one of the discarded fun meal toys in the Small Fry.

Small Fry

He appears to be second-in command in the group. He is first shown when Queen Neptuna asks him to help Buzz find a seat. He later is part of the group watching Buzz role-play. He is last seen watching Mini Buzz explain what is happening to him at the end.

He also had a very brief appearance during the bathtub rave scene in Partysaurus Rex.

Toy Description

"Fearing the healthy, life-extending agenda of the evil Vegitenarians, the government established the Steak Force, a commando squad of heroic robots dedicated to mandating a meat option for every meal. Sponsored in part by The American Meat Council."[1]



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