Syndrome's security guards are minor antagonist characters in The Incredibles. They are Syndrome's henchmen, who all share similar characteristics. They are armed with machine guns and carry special security cards in Syndrome's Base. Many security guards were killed or injured when the Incredibles infiltrated Syndrome's base in Nomanizan. The fate of the guards still remaining at the base after Syndrome's death is unknown.

Known quotes

"I know you're here, little miss disappear."- a guard after Violet attacked him while still invisible.

"They're Supers!" - a guard after realizing that Violet and Dash have super powers

"Get the boy!" - a guard to his comrades before they chase Dash into the jungle

"There you are." - a guard after sighting Violet underwater and is preparing to shoot her

"Hey, every time they run, you take a shot." - one of a group of guards as he and his comrades watch footage of the Omnidroid attacking the army, and another of them prepares to open a bottle of champagne.


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