Suki 1
Appeared in: Tokyo Mater
Cars 2
Suki is a small drift car in Tokyo Mater and Cars 2.[1]

Tokyo Mater

Suki is first seen with Komodo after Mater drops Ito-San off in Tokyo. She is later seen attending Mater and Kabuto's race before it starts, being shocked at the fact that the loser of the race will become stock. At the end, she laughs with the rest of the crowd at Kabuto after he was turned to stock.

Cars 2

Suki is first seen in the traffic on the streets after Lightning McQueen and his team arrive in Tokyo. She is later seen at the World Grand Prix welcome party in Tokyo. She is on a bridge with Kabuto, Yokoza, Ichigo, Chisaki and Harumi.


  • "Suki" in Japanese means "liking".



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