Appeared in: The Incredibles

Stratogale was a superheroine gifted with the superpowers of flight, super-strength and the ability to communicate with birds. Stratogale had just pulled a commercial jet airliner out of a steep dive on April 23, 1957, when her cape got caught in the #2 jet turbine, pulling her in and killing her.


Her name comes from a combination of "stratosphere", an upper layer of the atmosphere, and "gale", a strong wind. Also notable is the closeness to 'gal,' much like many of the other heroines have -girl names and the fact that "gale" is a homophone for the female name "Gail."


She died the same year Pixar filmmaker John Lasseter was born. According to her NSA file:

  • A weekend zoo volunteer - Bird hatchery.
  • Secret identity: High school student.
  • Cape color: Magenta outside, purple inside.
  • Stratogale's death involving a cape and a jet turbine foreshadows the death of Buddy Pine/Syndrome at the end of the film.

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