Stratogale's NSA file.

Stratogale was a teenage superheroine who was known for being deeply altruistic, spending her everyday life under the secret identity of a typical high school student. Her powers included subsonic flight, super-strength and the ability to communicate with birds, her love for these animals making her volunteer at a local zoo's bird hatchery.

She was friends with Mr. Incredible, being one of several heroes seen to attend his private wedding to Elastigirl.

Sadly, Stratogale would later become one of several heroes to suffer from a "Suit Malfunction". She had just pulled a commercial jet airliner out of a steep dive on April 23, 1957, when her cape got caught in a jet turbine, pulling her in and killing her.


Her name comes from a combination of "stratosphere", an upper layer of the atmosphere, and "gale", a strong wind. Also notable is the closeness to 'gal,' much like many of the other heroines have -girl names and the fact that "gale" is a homophone for the female name "Gail."


  • She died the same year Pixar filmmaker John Lasseter was born, according to her NSA file.
  • Stratogale's death involving a cape and a jet turbine foreshadows the death of Buddy Pine/Syndrome at the end of the film.