The South Pacific Ocean is a location in the film Finding Nemo. Here are all the landmarks in this location that appear in the film:

The Great Barrier Reef

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The Drop-Off

This is where the reef ends and open water begins. Many fish native to the Great Barrier Reef are often forbidden from wandering off beyond this point since a lot of dangers tend to wait for them in open water, like the scuba divers who occasionally come to their reef.


The Sharks' Lair

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The Abyss

A giant, deep crack located next to the sharks' shipwreck lair. When Dory tricks Bruce into accidentally blowing up the mines around the shipwreck by making him ram into a torpedo bay, sending a torpedo to fly out and hit the mines and causing a chain reaction, thus scaring away both him and his partners Anchor and Chum, the shockwaves also cause the shipwreck to begin to slide into the abyss only to be stopped by a nearby wall in the process. During which Marlin and Dory survive, Dory accidentally drops the mask with the address to 42 Wallaby Way into the abyss, and upon retrieving it both come upon a menacing-looking anglerfish living in the abyss. The two then manage to escape the anglerfish by tying it to some rocks using the mask to hold it back.

The Trench

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The Jellyfish Swarm

This swarm of jellyfish happens to reside above the aforementioned trench. They are also the main reason why the moonfish warn other fish to swim through the trench, not over it. Since Marlin did not listen to Dory's warning when she was told by the moonfish, both he and Dory swim over it, and get surrounded by several jellyfish. The two eventually realize that even though their tentacles can sting them, their bells (top half) won't, and as a result they both escape the jellyfish swarm by bouncing on top of the jellyfish's bells so that they can reach the EAC.


The East Australian Current

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The Whale

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Sydney Harbour

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