CART-IS the Small Cart/Truck Robot is a crane cart-like robot aboard the Axiom. He differs from his larger relatives- MVR•A the transportbot, and the trash cart bot- because he has an arm. This robot is used for lifting lighter loads and hauling them than MVR•A.

One small cart robot, before moving forward to the gangway, is seen near the Repair Ward. He had to stop because M-O moved in front of him. The two robots following the Small Cart Robot collided into it pushing it out of the shot.

Another small cart robot, after being moved into the Repair Ward, was a reject and near HLM-T. He escaped from the Ward with all the other reject bots after WALL•E freed them. The Small Cart Robot was seen again briefly with PR-T, POW-R, L-T and some other robots when EVE and WALL•E were taking the plant to the Axiom's holo detector.

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