Senior Trax is the crew chief of the racing team "Shiny Wax" in the movie Cars.

"Senior Trax was always a hard working car, running from business to business to get the job done and to get it done right! On one eventful day, Senior ran to the wrong store which turned out to be the best mistake he ever made! That store was none other than the Shiny Wax headquarters. Senior was hired by Shiny Wax founder Greg Wheeler on the spot. Senior was later notified by phone that Shiny Wax had developed a race team, and they needed a Crew Chief! Senior ran for the title, and was hired! Now instead of running from store to store, he finds himself running from the Piston Cup garage to the Shiny Wax sponsor tent. His motto has always been, "Get the job done, and get it done right!!"" [1]




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