Scream Industries, usually shortened to Scream Ind., is the third of the three major scream-processing factories, with the other two being Monsters, Inc. and Fear Co. Scream Industries was the youngest of the three, but also the one which required experienced scarers. Scream Industries often claims that it "has the harder doors".[citation needed]


Scream Ind. was founded a year after Fear Co., and at least three of the Class of 1991 went to Scream Ind.[citation needed] It's unknown of what happened to this company at the end of the original film after all of the monsters switched from screams to laughter, although it's possible that Scream Ind. may still be reliant on scaring, thus making Monsters, Inc, or they now simply make children laugh now like Monsters Inc. (if they changed their industry to laughing, they probably changed their name to "Laugh Industries".



At least three of the scarers at Scream Ind. were in the Scare Card Collectibles card game.