Mike: "You collect scare cards, huh?"
Sulley: "Yup, 450 of 'em!"
Mike: "Impressive! I have 6,000 still in mint condition, but you know, 450's pretty good too."

Mike and Sulley

The Scare Cards are a series of trading cards featured in Monsters University that are based on the various Scarers at Monsters, Inc. and other Scaring companies. Mike Wazowski mentions them during team Oozma Kappa's "field trip" to Monsters, Inc. where Sulley tells he has collected at least 450 scare cards, though Mike still has at least 6,000 still in mint condition. At the end of the film, some students attending Monsters University are given their own scare cards after becoming Scarers at either MI, Fear Corporation, or Scream Industries. In addition, Disney has also released several real scare cards to tie in with the film's release. 


Here are all of the scare cards seen in the film and those released by Disney:


  • For some reason, Harley Gerson didn't get a scare card.
  • Team OK (sans Mike, Sulley, and Art), Rosie Levin, and Carrie Williams are the only six students that keep their clothes after becoming scarers: Johnny and Javier both lose their jackets, Chet his hat, and Omar his blanket after becoming scarers. Prof. Knight gains clothes after retiring from a scarer.
  • Prof. Knight's card looks like if it came from the 1960s, while Dean Hardscrabble's card looks like if it came from the 1930s, the latter features an older logo for Monsters. Inc: the "M" is a different font, and the eyeball inside it looks more realistic.


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