Welcome to the Pixar Wiki! We are glad you are here. We have created this page to give you some guidelines for editing pages on this wiki. If you have comments or questions, please bring them up on the talk page.

Fact versus Opinion

The intent of this wiki is to gather and present only factual information related to Pixar. We desire this wiki to go deeper into Pixar topics than what is currently present on sites like Wikipedia. We do not allow opinions, guesses, predictions and assumptions. Member home pages and blog posts are proper venues for that type of information.

Sources and Citing References

It seems the weeks leading up to the release of a new film is filled with rumors regarding who will or will not be voicing characters. Please do not promote these rumors by adding them to the wiki, unless you have an official source that is cited in the article. And note, IMdB is not considered an official source.


What is it about categories that everyone wants to create new ones, and apply them to every possible article? This is the area that probably causes the most edit rollbacks. Here are some tips:

  • The Antagonist category should only be used for the primary antagonists. See Category talk:Antagonists#Usage for more discussion on this topic.
  • The Deceased Characters category should only be used where the character has died in a film or short. It should not be used for events that have occurred in derived works such as video games. In addition, it should not be used for groups of characters (like Syndrome's security guards, as not all of them have died.

Reprimands and Getting Blocked

Types of Edits That Will Likely Be Undone


Video and Derived Works

Empty/One-Line Pages

Intimidating Behavior


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