Rick Dicker is a government agent of the former NSA (National Supers Agency), and is now head of the Super Relocation Program, a government program that helps former Supers get situated into normal life.


Rick was first seen at Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's wedding, along with Lucius Best, Gazerbeam, Edna Mode, Dynaguy, Stratogale, Thunderhead, and Meta Man.

Due to Bob Parr's constant need to help others like in the old days, resulting in trouble, Rick had to pay people to keep things quiet, erase memories and relocate the Parrs, so much that it was getting very exhausting and too expensive for the government. When Bob accidentally threw his boss through five walls, Rick had no choice but to leave Bob to fend for himself. But he did offer one last chance for relocation, which Bob turned down.

When Bob, his family, and Frozone defeated the Omnidroid v.10, Rick drove them home, informing them that he and his colleagues had frozen Syndrome's assets and would be ready with handcuffs if he appears anywhere. Bob asked if the Supers can come out of hiding, to which Rick replied that the politicians would figure that out, but commended them for doing a good job.

In the short movie, Jack-Jack Attack, Rick was interrogating Kari McKeen, who was looking after Jack-Jack Parr. She had a bad time trying to look after him when his powers awoke. She eventually got fed up when Syndrome arrived, claiming to be the replacement babysitter. Rick asks her if she told anyone; she answered that she told her parents, but they thought she was joking. She really wanted to forget everything, in which Rick was glad to do, placing a plunger on her head to suck her memory.