Ray-Gon is a character in Toy Story That Time Forgot. He is a small blue anthropomorphic Scelidosaurus wearing an apron. He appears to be much gentler than the other Battlesaurs. As the armorer of the Battlesaurs, he is in charge of outfitting them with proper weaponry. To make up for his small size, he uses the "Supplicators", a pair of radio-controlled robotic arms which he moves along a rod to manipulate the gear.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Ray-Gon first appears when Reptillus Maximus brings Trixie to the Armory to have her suited up. Ray-Gon is very admirative of Trixie, and lets her put on everything she wants. He is then instructed by the Cleric to outfit Rex with the "Supplicators", with Rex unaware they can be remote-controlled.

Later, Ray-Gon is present at the Arena of Woe, where he activates the Goliathon. Soon after, Ray-Gon hands the remote control of the Supplicators to the Cleric at his request, although he does so with much muttering, seeming to disapprove it.


  • According to head of story Derek Thompson, Ray-Gon has two brains. He was also taller in earlier designs.[1]


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